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Types of Inspections


Site Inspection Dilapidation Report

A site inspection is to take place prior to any building works starting, this can identify and report on defects to neighboring properties and council assets and eliminate costly claims.

Slab Inspection

This inspection is to take place after your slab has been formed up and poured, prior to frame installation.

This inspection can ensure the dimensions of your building are in accordance with your building plans and that your slab has been completed to Australian Standards. This inspection is important to ensure the structural integrity of your slab.

Frame/ Pre-Linings Inspection

This inspection is to take place after frame , brickwork, roof and all services are installed,  just before the installation of internal linings. This will ensure there are no hidden defects that do not meet Australian Standards throughout your house and that all defects are addressed and rectified before the next stage of construction. 

Waterproofing Inspection

This inspection ensures compliance of installed waterproofing membranes to all wet areas and showers. Waterproofing defects can amount to costly problems with your build in the future. 


Practical Completion Inspection

This inspection is to take place prior to your first  Practical Completion (PC) walk through with your builder. This is a detailed inspection which covers your entire house ensuring it has been completed to Australian Standards and that all defects have been identified between you and your builder. Having an independent inspection at this stage can take the stress and hassle out of the walk through with your builder. Defects can be overlooked by the untrained eye, ensure you are getting what you are paying for and that nothing goes unmissed.

Warranty Inspection

This inspection is to take place during your maintenance period (90 days). This inspection will ensure your house is still conforming to Australian Standards and meets performance requirements of finished product. Ensuring nothing has been overlooked.

Special Purpose Defect Inspection

A special purpose or defect inspection is an inspection focusing on a specific issue or defect that may be of concern. This inspection can identify incomplete and defective works that do not comply with Australian Standards. 


Expert Witness Report

We offer expert witness and expert conclave services in home building with extensive specialised knowledge in new construction and brickwork. Reports are written in the correct submission format for litigation, The NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal (NCAT) or court and are a neutral independent expert view on your building defects or incomplete works. An expert witness report will provide documented evidence of the alleged defect with references to Australian Standards, the National Construction Code and The Home Building Act.