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why inspect with us


why get an inspection

Builders have a duty of care to ensure homes are built to be safe, healthy and durable. We are now amid a construction boom, in a fast paced industry unfortunately mistakes can be made and things can be missed, this can be a costly misadventure. Independent inspections at stages during construction by a licensed Builder can ensure your method of construction and workmanship meet and comply with the relevant Australian Standards, National Construction Codes and industry regulations. Having inspections by a qualified professional can be instrumental to an on time, hassle free building experience and protect your investment well into the future, beyond given warranty periods.

Defects can be rectified if they are found at the right time.

By engaging our services you will have an experienced qualified Builder conduct a quality assurance inspection over your home, identifying defects, non-compliant works and unacceptable workmanship to be addressed and rectified by your Builder before the next stage of construction or when you take possession.

Safeguard your investment. Inspect to be informed.

new construction stages of inspection

Dilapidation Inspection

This inspection documents the current visual structural condition of bordering properties and council assets prior to excavation and construction works being undertaken, for the purpose of comparison at a later date.

Pre- Slab Stage Inspection
This inspection takes place after piering and the installation of drainage and structural steel, just prior to concrete placement and checks vapour barrier, formwork, steel placement, plumbing and temite collars. 

Pre-Lining Stage Inspection
This is an inspection of your completed slab, frame, brickwork and roof as well as installed rough- ins for electrical and plumbing to ensure all work is compliant and acceptable prior to the installation of internal linings.

Waterproofing/ Lock Up Stage Inspection
This is an inspection of the interior linings and fixout to ensure they are installed and fixed in accordance with the manufacturer’s installation specifications. At this stage, an inspection of the completed waterproofing to wet areas is also carried out to identify any defects or damage and to ensure compliance with Australian Standards.

Practical Completion/ Handover Stage Inspection
This is an inspection of the quality and compliance of your completed build before you take possession to ensure acceptable workmanship and identify defects to be addressed by your Builder prior to Handover.

Warranty/ 90 Day Maintenance Inspection
This is an inspection of your build during  maintenance and statutory warranty periods as outlined in The Home Building Act 1989 to identify any defective or unacceptable building works prior to the expiry of your Building Warranty.

Defects: Defects are categorised into the following areas.
  • Damage: visual disruption resulting in loss of value or the impairment of usefulness.
  • Distortion, Warping, Twisting: a change in a shape of an image resulting from imperfections.
  • Water Penetration: the egress or entry of forms of water and dampness.
  • Material Deterioration: alteration of the product’s original intended finish.
  • Operational: fit for proper functioning and /or ready for use.
  • Installations & Appearance: inappropriate fitting and finish of a product’s intended use.
  • Incomplete Works: works that need to be completed prior to the next stage.
  • Safety: risk of injury, danger or loss.
  • Substandard Workmanship: works that are not of acceptable quality.
  • Non- Compliant Works: works that are to be completed as per relevant Australian Standards and or Codes.
  • Inconsistent Works: items not the same throughout and having self-contradictory and conflicting elements.
  • A client briefing, where you can discuss any issues or concerns. We then communicate and liaise with your Builder to arrange access to your build.
  • A thorough on site inspection, carried out by a licensed Builder.
  • An in-depth inspection report in accordance with Australian Standards (AS 4349.0- 2007  Inspection of buildings) with photos, descriptions and reference to Australian Standards, National Construction Codes and Manufacturer’s Installation Specifications.
  • This report is to be forwarded to your Builder to have identified items addressed.
  • Ongoing support is provided throughout the process.


Precision Builders Australia have a high success rate in pin pointing the root cause of building failure and defects

We investigate and report on water leaks, moisture penetration and building structure issues and use the latest non-invasive technology and equipment. We use infrared thermography to detect energy waste, water ingress, moisture and electrical issues by identifying variations in temperature to building elements and can provide thermal image reports.

Precision Builders Australia have a high success rate in pin pointing the root cause of building failure and defects and are experienced and qualified to investigate a defect or issue of concern. In new construction we can identify and report on incomplete and defective works, unacceptable workmanship and items that do not comply with Australian Standards that can lead to losses as identified under The Home Building Act.  

expert witness services

Precision Builders Australia can provide Reports and services to assist your case.

Whether you are a home owner or construction professional and find yourself in need of expert witness services for the NSW Civil & Administrative Tribunal (NCAT) or court situations, Precision Builders Australia can provide reports and services to assist your case.

We offer expert witness, conclave and mediation services in home building with extensive specialist knowledge in new construction and brickwork.

Court proceedings for building disputes require a qualified building expert that has the relevant builders licence and qualifications to provide a full expert witness report of observations and findings of alleged defects in relation to the National Construction Code, Australian Standards and The Home Building Act. This report provides documented evidence of defects and outlines rectifications that may be required.

Reports are written in the correct submission format for litigation and are a neutral independent expert view on building defects. A scott schedule may also be required. A scott schedule is a costing for rectifications that result from defects identified in the expert witness report. The expert witness report and scott schedule work together to support a case put to the Judge or Tribunal Member.

You can also engage us for mediation and conclave Services that can be ordered by NCAT.

A conclave is a joint meeting between experts engaged by the applicant and respondent to discuss the issues identified in expert witness reports to reduce issues to be determined at a court hearing.  This can save costs to both parties and expedite the hearing process in complex building matters.

Mediation can be a structured meeting where parties discuss ways to settle their dispute and come to a final agreement. We can help represent your case to ensure your issues are being submitted and described by a qualified professional.

We have provided many expert witness reports and services and are completely guided by the Expert Witness Code of Conduct.

Pre-Purchase Building Inspections

why get an inspection

We provide comprehensive pre-purchase building inspection services with detailed reports of findings. Arming buyers with the knowledge and evidence required to make an informed decision on the purchase of a property by supplying information on the condition and quality of the building and structural aspects of the home.

Avoid problems and extra costs later on by knowing as much as you can about the condition of a property before you buy it. This information can be used to negotiate on price if there are building repairs that are required.

Have your inspection carried out by a fully licensed Builder with adequate insurance cover to ensure a professional and expert indepth inspection to identify building issues.

what our inspection process involves
  • A client briefing, where you can discuss any issues or concerns.
  • An on site thorough inspection, carried out by a fully licensed Builder.
  • An in-depth inspection report with photos and descriptions, in accordance with relevant Australian Standard (AS 4349.1-2007 Inspection of buildings, Part 1: Pre-Purchase Inspections). This will be emailed to you and becomes your written account of the condition of the property.
  • Ongoing support is provided throughout the process.


Quality assurance and peace of mind
  • Licensed Builder.
  • Over 25 years of residential construction industry experience.
  • Fully insured.
  • Experienced and qualified in conducting new construction, pre purchase and expert witness building inspections.
  • Expert in identifying defective building works.
  • Prudent and honest approach to inspections.
  • Professional approach to working alongside Builders to gain compliance.
  • Latest specialised moisture detecting and thermal imaging equipment.
  • Easy to understand, detailed reports that are emailed the next business day.
  • Defects directly referenced to current Australian Standards and National Construction Codes.

we are fully licensed & insured